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Financial Consultation


CIGX endeavors to provide financial planning and investment services to all who want and are willing to take our advice.  Our goal is to increase financial security at all levels and reduce poverty.  We will never have a minimum investment and no client is too small.

To achieve this goal, we commit to:  

Client satisfaction

1.  In the certitude that the user of our services is the ultimate rationale for our very existence as a business, let us respond to the needs of the client with personalized attention and foresee future needs to increase the level of client satisfaction. 

2.  Person centered

So that the well known expression that people are the first and principal asset of the business, we encourage creativity, initiative, and communication and guarantee the permanent development of all employees. 

3.  Cooperation

We are involved in the processes of organization and share the satisfaction of fulfilling objectives.  We work together. 

4.  Continual improvement

With the continual search for optimization of systems and processes in a changing environment, the adaptation to new markets and the fulfillment of our commitment to supply must be constant.  The open character of our management, receptive to the necessities of new technologies, should serve as a catalyst to motivate the members of the organization to the task of continual improvement.   

5.  Community commitment

We are committed to community activism and community development to enrich the communities in which we operate. 

6.  Independent research

We are committed to performing independent and objective research using critical and analytical thinking.  

7.  Discipline 

While our systems are varied and flexible, we are committed to our disciplined investment process.

8.  Reality centered  

We are committed to providing realistic financial planning services and addressing real problems and concerns.  

Our Mission: About
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