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The CIGX logo is a registered trademark.  The CIGX logo derives from the concept of using macroeconomic variables to build wealth through applying those variables at the individual or business level.  This concept assists in the financial planning process as well as the portfolio management process.  

The circle represents the economic pie, or GDP, that economists believe can grow ad infinitum. The pie is carved into four slices representing the four variables that define GDP; CIGX.  

The two slices with arrows pointing out represent C and G (Consumption and Taxes) – the variables that actually decrease wealth.  The two slices with arrows pointing in represent I and X (Investment and Export) – the two variables that increase and preserve wealth.  

CIGX, LLC endeavors to help manage consumption, increase investment, minimize taxes, and preserve assets for future generations. Let us help you today.

For more information about CIGX Portfolios, please contact Portfolio Manager Erich Schwerd at (770) 374-3146.

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