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CIGX is proud to be a fiduciary based service provider that offers financial planning and portfolio management services, including retirement planning, investment planning, college planning, and insurance planning. Our asset management services include stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs, commodities and currencies.

Financial Consultation
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Are you considering contacting us, but are unsure what to expect from our Services?

The procedure begins with contacting us by phone or email.  Then, in the coming days, we will set up an in-depth interview to determine if we both feel we are a good fit and that CIGX can assist.  From there, we will engage in a data collection session, which will become the foundation for our planning services.  We will gather relevant personal and financial information.  This data will provide a glimpse of your current financial condition.  The final phase of the dialogue aims to discover where you want to go and your future aspirations. CIGX then analyzes this data and develops a strategy and plan to assist you in achieving your objectives.  The financial strategy is a collaborative endeavor in both its formulation and execution.  We will collaborate to develop a plan and strategy to best assist you in reaching your objectives.

We will then implement that strategy with continuous oversight of the plan's performance.   You should expect proactive engagement and timely responses to your needs.  Our checkpoints with you will serve as a verification of your financial plan and an opportunity to adjust your financial strategy as you see fit.

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What is CIGX, and what do these letters mean to you?

CIGX is the mathematical formula for wealth.

In economic terms, CIGX is the mathematical formula for wealth or economic output (E), also known as gross domestic product (GDP).  The United States of America is the world’s wealthiest nation because it has the highest GDP.  A country’s wealth (E), or economic muscle, comprises its:

Consumption (C),

Investment (I),

Government Spending (G), and 

net eXport (X)  

Economic Wealth (E)= C+I+G+X.  

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Consumption consists of consumer spending or what people spend on their personal needs and wants, such as dishwashers, flat-screen TV’s and entertainment.   

Investment is driven by the capital expenditure of businesses, like computers and furniture for a service company or equipment for a manufacturing firm, or research and development for a pharmaceutical company.    

Government Spending is the money the government pours into the economy in the form of welfare costs, public healthcare, or military spending, just to name a few examples.  

eXports are goods and/or services sold to other nations.    

At CIGX, LLC, we use this specific formula to help increase wealth in two ways:  

Financial Planning

Investment Management

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